Marine benthic diatoms from 

      the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean


Diatoms from the sublittoral zone (Southern brittany)

Genus Amphora
Genera Achnanthes to Coscinodiscus
Genera Cocconeis to Entomoneis
Genera Diploneis
Diatoms from the littoral zone (Southern brittany, brackish waters)

Marine diatoms1 : genera Achnanthes to Coscinodiscus
Marine diatoms 2 : genera Diploneis to Mastogloia
Marine diatoms 3 : genera Navicula to Trachyneis
Marine diatoms 4 : genus Haslea 
Euryhaline marine diatoms 1 : genera Achnanthes to Diploneis
Euryhaline marine diatoms 2 : genera Entomoneis to Nitzschia
 Euryhaline diatoms present in fresh waters
Diatoms present in fresh waters 1: genera Achnanthes to Navicula
Diatoms present in fresh waters 2: genera Nitzschia to Tabellaria

Diatoms from the saline-marshes of Guérande

Genera Amphora to Navicula

Diatoms from the Seine estuary (
brackish waters and freshwater)
Harbour of Le Havre

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